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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
No one thought it would happen in 1994.
GTers did not think that Obummer Care would pass.
GTers thought that Obummer Care would be ruled against the law by the USSC.
GTers did not think that Obummer would be re-elected.

And now GTers think that there will be no anti-gun legislation.

Me thinks that GT is a great, fun place to chat, talk about stuff. Not so good of a place to try and read the political tea leaves.
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If nothing else, the llbs/Dems have proven that they are the masters of managing the optics of issues. Conservatives thought they knew what they knew and they were gonna do ok...and they have been wrong too many times now.

Although it is like torture, I really try to listen to what the libs have to say and how they say it because it gives you insight into how they manage their message. Whether it is true or not does not matter. EVERYONE I knew thought obama was going to lose big in the last election....and we were all wrong by a big margin.

EVERYONE I know thinks there is no way an AWB will pass....let's not be wrong about this one too.
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