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Originally Posted by Ryobi View Post
Anything an astronaut needs, I need. This thread is. Hilarious. Wanting it and believing you should have the option is one thing. Claiming you need the same gear as those on a job that is in no way similar to yours, a threat profile no way similar to yours is just pretending.
You posted it twice; maybe you thought it was significant in some way, but I just don't see it. So what exactly does an astronaut have to do with the 2nd amendment?

I know officers that have been on the job for over 20 years and have never drawn their sidearm. Police have back up. I have no back-up, because I am the back-up. If anything, I have a greater need than the basic patrol officer.

In my 52 years I have had to draw my weapon twice. Once at a 7-11 and once at my home in North Portland. My fishing buddy and I didn't draw our pistols when we were approached by two thugs looking to roll us for some quick cash up past Estacada on the Clackamas river; all it took was to put a hand on the grip of the gun and they skipped away like little girls.

You can't disarm the populace then run away when it looks bad (e.g., LA Riots). And then, to add insult to injury, when a citizen tries to get recompense for the inaction of the police (who apparently need semi-auto and select-fire weapons) you get nothing. You might as well put them in a room and turn the thugs loose on them.

And yes, the people do need modern weapons to protect their rights to be secure in society and at home. The 2nd Amendment is important and you coming here to knock it down is what I call counterfeit and ignorant.

"In St. Louis, armed Homeland Security agents monitored Tea Party members protesting the IRS. Good idea. When people think their government is out to get them, the best response is to send the government out to get them." -Fred Thompson

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