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Ok I got thinking about this issue more and more, it's my understanding that round nose bullets made for the 9mm luger cartridge are designed with the bearing surface such that if you load them in 357 sig brass and the max SAAMI OAL of the 357 sig, the bearing surface will be lower then the neck and wont grip the bullet. OK- but were taking about using an aftermarket 357 barrel in a gun that has a design and magazines designed for the longer 10mm, what if we load the cheapey 115 grain round nose bullets to a longer max OAL then saami sets for 357 sig so the bearing contact will be on the neck of the 357 brass?????? I mean, its going to be shot in a gun thats designed for cartridges of a longer OAL, and magazines that are the same. As long as these tailored reloads are kept away from a dedicated 357 sig gun like the Glock 32, wouldnt this work??

I'm still hoping this will work because I get hte 115 grain FMJ's in bulk so cheap and it would be cool to be pushing them 1500 FPS

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