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Long thread here. Take away the pissing matches and it would be 1/4 shorter.

Every so often around the new year we hear about new DWI laws with "teeth" in them and yet the problem still exists bigly. The list of drivers with multiple DWI convictions is long.

Put real teeth in the law and it will stop or reduce greatly. First offense, 10 year license suspension. Second offense, 10 years in the local jail, or something similar. And really do it. (Wait, that's Draconian, that would expensive, we don't have the room, blah blah blah, this is America, we can't do that.)

I'm not a LEO or an expert, but I don't believe that people who have not drank a drop will be blowing .08's. This, based on jury service in more than one drunk driving murder case.
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