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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
What you are not reading, is that the performance goals are based on ARRESTS and they fell short of that. Why were the arrests lower?
Don't know. Do you know?

The 1,000 arrests goal, was that higher or lower than the preceding year? By what percent was it different? Did the 900+ arrests meet, fail to meet or did they exceed the preceding year's arrests?
Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
In fact, wouldnt the ultimate goal of any DUI program, if it were for true public safety, be zero arrests because people were not driving drunk?
Yes, when zero violations occurred after the same efforts of previous years, that would be success.
Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
Imagine a check point that had zero arrests over a holiday weekend because they didnt find any drunk drivers. Wouldnt that be a GOOD thing?
Maybe. Could also mean the location and or timing was wrong. But, yes, if the number of impaired drivers decreased, that is good.
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