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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
You have my title incorrect.

But my substitute one is Pharaoh or Decius. However, those are not official.

And going back many pages, what have I and others said about DUI enforcement? Seems like the exact same thing as here. No-one has argued that DUI enforcement is bad, we have said checkpoints should not be in place because of lack of probable cause and that they are ineffective. Since you contradict that checkpoints are the way to go I can only reach a few conclusions:
1) You are unintelligent
2) You are not a copp
3) You don't know what you are talking about because of 1&2.

I think I covered all the defenses of DUI checkpoints.

That is different than the link that I posted. Not all areas work in the same way.

Again, until you can show statistical significance against the null hypothesis, it is an interesting data point, but not does not mean anything. That is a problem with data like this. It is just like the gun control. People assume causation, because it fits their agenda, and absent proof it is "fact". You will see that gun control advocates talk about lack of assault weapons in Europe being why there are lower homicide rates, yet they leave Switzerland out. Why? Because they cannot make a statistically valid argument against the null hypothesis if they include it (FYI Switzerland has almost all male citizens with a machine gun in their house and yet has a lower murder rate than Germany)
You seems have trouble with reading comprehension.

No where In the article you posted did it say grant money was lost due to not reaching arrest goals..
Should be simple enough for you to prove, when did they loose grant money what year.

If you were to also read my post I did not say the only reason fatalities increased was because of the lessened enforcement.
We cannot actually scientifically track the cause and effect because the roadways are not a laboratory .

Our best data tracking shows that targeting certain offenses In high collision areas reduces the number of crashes during and a short time after the increased enforcement.
How do you establish intent?
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