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Originally Posted by Random View Post
I respect your passionate defense, but you are now telling me that I have not seen what I have seen. I've sat on the bumper and had officers tell me that that is what they are doing. I've been told that everyone in line was a suspected drunk driver and that that was their probable cause until proven otherwise.

Much like Bren, you are stating how the law is intended to be used. I can almost envy the world you guys must live in.
I think you are just mistaken about what is actually happening and basing this thread off a brief sitting on a bumper conversation.

Do you believe they are forcing blood draws without warrants, without arrest, without probable cause, or all of the above?

There are many checks and balances set in place for warrants...that is why it is unbelievable. Everyone who reads, signs, approves that warrant has to be "in" on it.
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