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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
I don't know where you are hearing that Obama is in no hurry for new legislation. He wantsBiden to have something ready in January.

Still, I really am not worried about Obama and Biden, the action is not centered on them. I'm concerned about what may happen in the House & Senate.

I do agree that there is a short ammount of time anti-gun legislators have to get something passed. I'm thinking they have to get something done between January and Febuary, before people start forgetting about Sandy Hook.

But then they can just roll-out the "Parents of the Disappeared" from Sandy Hook, have them crying and wailing on national TV during floor debates, and rip the scab right off that national wound.

And if there is another mass-shooting in the next few weeks/months? Fuggetaboutit.
With all the budget nonsense going on, the end of January is going to be a long time in politics. The news is already moving on from their coverage of the shooting.
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