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Originally Posted by Roger1079 View Post
If you read the account of the ambush Yeager was in, the real soldiers involved in the firefight did just that while we are able to watch him laying in a ditch not having a a clue in hell what to do except maybe soil himself.
No real soldiers were harmed in the event referenced.

In fact... no real soldiers were even involved.

Outside-the-wire wartime contracting is literally "gambling with your life." That's why it costs so much to move people and things around on the battlefield.

If you are a KBR truck driver pushing the **** truck to an outlying FOB you are in a Mil Convoy and can be reasonably assured that all participants on your side of the attack will act appropriately... or at least to the best of their ability.

If you are a TCN truck driver moving paper plates and napkins, it is almost likely that your contract Convoy Security will put the pedal to the floor and hope your battle damaged 18 wheeler can keep up with a Nissan Trooper or Mitsubishi Pajero.

One level below that, if you are a Mobile PSD or Convoy Security contractor that is wounded on the battlefield, you'd better hope the dumbest private in the BDE is monitoring the Civilian Codan radio at least half as closely as all the other Nets he is responsible for, and that assets are available (according to your priority).

As for the actions of your peers on contact, go back and read the link in post #83. In my experience dealing with contractors on the battlefield, there are only two types- extremely high quality and extremely low quality.

The "extremely high quality" guys are those who have a professional background in gunfighting, have a personal interest in being there, and KNOW each other... I mean know everything about each other including how they will react in all situations.

The "extremely low quality" guys are those just chasing a better payout than fast food or auto repair can provide, and are usually either a thrice divorced recovering alcoholic Alabama State Trooper or just a life long loser with a personality disorder.

When the demand for contract security went way up, the standards went way down, and while the salaries went down too (a lot) the corporate fee placed on those positions often grew(!).

The good news story is that we are out of Iraq and the demand is normalized. The guys who did it before, and were successful at it, are still doing it. The guys who failed at it, or were just looking for a check or an adventure, are teaching "combat shooting" classes, fixing cars/ making fries, or crawled into a bottle and sucking up that good Obama welfare $$$.
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