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Originally Posted by Armchair Commando View Post
1) We control the House
Yes...and you can see how "strong" the GOP is taking a stance on issues. They are not. So far, I believe 1-2 GOP senators have already come out supporting an AWB. Several others have not made a commitment in either direction.

2) SCOTUS ruled the 2nd amendment is a RIGHT
Yes...but you're attempting to extrapolate that into meaning they ruled that AWBs (a term I hate) are part of that right. That is not the case. They have only ruled you have a right to bear arms. As for the specifics of which type of arm, I don't believe there has been a ruling.

3) The Liberals are panicking as they lose their gun control narrative!
Funny, but I am seeing a LOT of panic on the gun owner side of the fence.

4) Executive Order will accomplish nothing as obama has no authority to issue new law! He's out of place here and will easily lose any court battle!
True, however he is looking for ways to use this power to circumvent the process. Whether he's success remains to be seen. But be mindful, he wouldn't consider the option and have the DOJ review the option if he didn't think there was some possibility of using it. I have no idea how he would do so, other than perhaps targeting ammunition.

5) The gun control tide is losing steam and were winning the majority of all gun control polls, And the NRA is gaining as many as 8K new members a day!
Yes. However the majority of voters support Obama...not the NRA.
While I certainly hope you are right, I think my comments in red show it's not as cut & dry as we'd all like to think.
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