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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
SO are you sitting on your ass proclaiming the end of the world, or are you actually trying to do something about it? No new legislation can pass without the House, and you can help stop it by telling your federal Senators and Representative that you do not agree with these proposals and will NOT support any politician that votes for them.
I can stop legislation from passing in the house? Perhaps us on GT? Well, I've sent my e-mails, I've done my due-diligence.

There are 323 (or so) million people in this country. Figure about 200 million are of voting age. The NRA has about 4.5 million members. So that's 195.5 versus 4.5

My friend, as I already enumerated, listening to people here on Glock Talk (such as yourself) about politics is useless. I started a poll in the GNG lounge, and the VAST majority of people DO NOT believe that anti-firearms legislation is going to be passed.

It is very evident that the good folks here on GT are not grasping the impact that the Sandy Hook murders are having on people that normally could not care one way or another about gun control. This is something the likes of which we have never seen before, and we are facing a Tsunami of support for anti-firearms legislation in the general population. I have friends that are gun owners, that actually support passing another AWB.

Glock Talk is many, many fun and positive things. But it is not the place to get a grasp of the Nation's political pulse. The memebers here on GT are pretty much extreme 2A supporting gun-owners, chatting with other extreme 2A supporting gun-owners. With everyone burying their head in the sand about what is going to happen in the very near future.

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