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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
In CA, the law is pretty much that kids under 7 cannot commit crimes and kids age 7-14 have a rebuttable presumption that they cannot commit crimes due to lack of understanding of their actions. It doesn't really matter over 14 either due to our joke of a juvenile criminal system that treats offenders under 18 as babies while they laugh at us busting our butts to arrest them for all sorts of crimes like burglary, drugs, assaults, gang crimes, etc.

Then the juvenile court judge tells us to leave the room while he talks to the juvenile offender to get his story because having us in there in uniform is too intimidating to the poor juvenile. Whatever.

That is one reason there is no real need for uniformed cops in elementary schools because you are not really able to do anything anyway as far as enforcing the laws. Now with Newtown, the paradigm shifts from enforcement to protection, but is that enough to justify paying a cop to stand around all day playing school administrator?
Honestly, no, it's not worth the expense. How many elementary schools do you have in your jurisdiction? I know that here it's pretty much 2-3 elementary schools feed 1 middle school and 1-2 middle schools feed a high school. Are you really going to pay $30k-60k a year for an officer at an elementary school on the .00001% chance that something like Newton happens?

Whether we like it or not, our country (feds, state, city/county) does not have the money to fund this. We have 28 high schools, 42 middle schools and 101 elementary schools. And since most of our SROs are topped out, we'll just use an average of $60k. We are looking at over $6 Million dollars just to fund the SROs in elementary schools for a year. Not counting cars, equipment and benefits. I know we have a larger area than most, but we also have a larger budget. I'm sure that pared down it would be similar across the board. If money were not an issue, then sure, go for it. But realistically, it's just not practical with the financial stability we find ourselves in.

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