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Yea, yea, just like gun control nuts, Obama and the rest of his Red Brigade and all the republicans support the Constitution.

This entire country is being Delphied. This is a proven process which is used to convinced groups to choose an outcome that has already been determined, so the group believes they have a choice and ownership in the agenda. Part of the process is the attacking of those who oppose the predetermined outcome with the goal of making them appear foolish, inept, or aggressive (a la Alinski). You see this a lot in forums including GT these days and many of these attackers are shills, whose purpose is to guide the sheep by showing them that having such heretical ideas will result in their being made into fools and thereby silence opposition to the march to the slaughterhouse, as well as to make people with the unauthorized ideas waste their time arguing on forums and blogs, so they won't be out doing something that might actually help their cause. So bring on the tin foil hat and other ridicule, little boys.
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