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Originally Posted by SunsetMan View Post
That is what I thought in 1994.
And how many more people own so-called "assault rifles" now than in 1994?

Originally Posted by PAGunner View Post
The gun owners I know if they don't own an AR or AK they like them and would/will probably eventually buy one.
This has been my experience as well.

Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
duck hunters and skeet shooters are notorious for selling out other gun owners....
And yet every time I visit a shooting facility with rifle and clay target ranges, those shooting black rifles always vastly outnumber those shooting skeet. On the rifle line there is a lot more plastic than wood...and even the wood stocked rifles tend to be old military rifles, not modern hunting arms. At the range I normally shoot at on match day, there might be half a dozen people shooting trap...and 100+ are shooting IDPA. We're not the same marginal demographic we once were.
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