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Originally Posted by Jim S. View Post
Springfield's customer service is excellent, which makes the higher price a better deal to me than the lower priced Taurus and their almost non existant customer service.
Try sending your PT1911 back and then compare the two.
Don't know about your experience with Taurus CS but
the 2 times I called them, they went beyond what I asked
for and overnighted it to boot. Bought a Circuit Judge that
didn't have the choke change tool in the box. One phone
call and 2 days later it was in my mail box. No questions
asked. Same with my Public Defender. Bought it used and
it didn't have the key for the lock. Phone call, 2 days later
2 keys, a Taurus key fob and a hat, in the mail box. All
free of charge. I'll admit, these are small things but it's
the small things that add up. I have no problem with Taurus
or their customer service.
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