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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn View Post
I hear you. One sight of Yeager, without the anonymity of the internet, and you'll run faster in the other direction than Yeager did running to that median. You don't have the balls to call him coward without hiding behind your internet connection. Apparently, you are too yellow to face him and say any of it to his face. But that's okay, it's the internet. That's what the internet is for.

Back on topic: I completely disagree with the premise of the OP. All the crap he spews does NOT cause people to come to his class to prove him wrong. There may be a sliver of population who likes what he says, so they take his classes. Glocks are very popular, and have a rabid fan boy following. It would probably attract shooters of like mind to come to his classes, so they can all basturmate while looking at Glocks and pictures of Glocks. Budget pistol types are like that.

Yeager is very controversial, and his detractors come to these threads with a prejudice. I have been called all kinds of vile crap by the cowards who won't face Yeager for no other reason than I won't criticize him. Me and a few other members here trained with Yeager when he was OPS and went to Rangemaster in Memphis. Yeager is who got a lot of us signed up here. Glock Talk always came up in his classes.

Yeager is the President, Founder, and CEO of Glock Fan Boys International. He holds the patent on Glock Kool-Aid. He doesn't say what he says as a gauntlet to 1911 fan boys. He says it because he believes it. Does controversy help his business? I don't know. Before Iraq, he was a good trainer. He was funny as hell, and a lot of fun to train with. In all honesty, I don't much like what I've been seeing from him. I don't know if there is a reason he doesn't train at Rangemaster any more, other than maybe no longer being OPS. Or maybe he does, and I just don't know it.

I don't fault Yeager for Iraq because I wasn't there. I've watched that video dozens of times, and I cannot make much out of it. I guess he was supposed to die that day.

One thing is certain though. If I have anything to say to Yeager, I'll say it to his face, instead of taking a cowards way and doing it anonymously on the internet.

It's funny how anonymous people call other people cowards, when the behavior they participate in, is the very definition of a coward.

Why don't some of you tough guys post your own video on youtube, showing your face, telling the world your name, where you live, where you work, where you can be found, and then say all this about Yeager? If you don't, YOU are a coward. I won't hold my breath.
If you want to read an account of how that day in Iraq should have gone down, read Lone Wolfe's ambush account. A good soldier died that day. He wasn't hiding in a ditch while the rest of his unit was left to fend for themselves. He lost his life doing what he was supposed to which was trying to pull her to safety after she was wounded. If you read the account of the ambush Yeager was in, the real soldiers involved in the firefight did just that while we are able to watch him laying in a ditch not having a a clue in hell what to do except maybe soil himself.

Being in harms way and the possibility of death is a risk any soldier assumes when deployed in a warzone. He went there and left his fellow colleagues to fend for themselves when the SHTF. He failed miserably at doing his job. If he was not up for the task, he shouldn't have been there. He turned an unarmored vehicle into a sitting duck and cost people their lives because of it. Then in the report he says he ran to cover to return fire but had no clue where to shoot.

Those don't sound like the actions of a man who should be mouthing off about courage and making threats to anyone.

Why don't you check out Vicker's Tactical and read a little about the owner. Then please return to this thread and tell me that Yeager is qualified to do what he is doing.
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