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Originally Posted by ltj9296 View Post
I do not claim to be a expert in this area, but finding better cover to return fire sounds like a real good idea to me. All I have done is seen the video, and not sure of the facts. I would not feel comfortable judging anyone. I guess what I am trying to say is if you are taking heavy fire, and can find safer cover to return fire, would that not better?
I've been a driver, as well as every other position on a vehicle in convoys and patrols in Afghanistan - one thing the Army taught me that was easy to remember is, when you're the driver, you drive - as long as the vehicle will go, the driver does not get out.

Of course, he thought the vehicle would not go, or so he said, but since that was due to his own panic and forgetting he put it out of gear with the brake on, to begin with, that's a poor excuse.
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