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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn View Post

I don't fault Yeager for Iraq because I wasn't there. I've watched that video dozens of times, and I cannot make much out of it. I guess he was supposed to die that day.

One thing is certain though. If I have anything to say to Yeager, I'll say it to his face, instead of taking a cowards way and doing it anonymously on the internet.
So you really don't see what's wrong? Either you didn't see the reports and full video or you have no idea what a person is actually supposed to do in that situation.

As for Yeager, he was a member here and he chose to leave, so I see no reason that takes away anybody's right to continue the conversation that was going on while he was here. Not much chance of running into him in person, but he continues to make himself an issue of public interest, at least in the training, shooting, contractor world.
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