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Originally Posted by ltj9296 View Post
I do not claim to be a expert in this area, but finding better cover to return fire sounds like a real good idea to me. All I have done is seen the video, and not sure of the facts. I would not feel comfortable judging anyone. I guess what I am trying to say is if you are taking heavy fire, and can find safer cover to return fire, would that not better?
According to the AAR, Yeager did not have line of fire from the ditch.

"Ian Harris and Mark Collen, each under heavy enemy fire, were the only two individuals during the contact who attempted to suppress enemy forces. Simon Merry was continuing to try to maneuver his vehicle to a position of support to vehicle one and then two whilst Al Johnson was busily treating multiple casualties at his location with vehicle three. James Yeager was in a location at the median where he could not engage enemy forces as he did no have a line of fire from his location."

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