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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post

Again, back to the first point, maybe if you acted a little more civilly, they would, too.

A quick tale, the last checkpoint I went through was set up by the Illinois State Police, at the bottom of an exit ramp off the interstate (long ramp, lots of trees between the interstate and the cross-road). It was 2:00am, and I slowed down, rolled down my window. Wife in the right seat, child in the back, sleeping. Trooper leaned in (likely doing a sniff-test) and asked where we were coming from. I told him we'd been at the drive in movies, at which point he had the unmitigated gall to ask the intrusive question: "Whaddya see?".

Never asked for my ID - they were either looking for drunks and I obviously wasn't, or they were looking for someone specific and I didn't match the description - had about 30 seconds of conversation, and then I was gone.

Amazing what a little civility will get you.

Mouthing off to a LEO, even in a small way, is just plain stupid. I was told, by MANY different people, to say 'yes sir', and 'no sir'. Answer questions, as simply as possible. Don't say anything you don't need to. If you haven't been drinking, he'll let you go. He'll let you go quicker if you don't mouth off to him.
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