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Obviously buy what you want. But that much magnification does seem a lot for a gun typically shot at 50 yards

What keeps you from buying a centerfire .308 to play with?

9x, 10x, 12x makes more sense. But that's just me.

Nothing wrong with the scopes you are considering. I'd like to try one on my AR Have a 9x now, and if money was no object, could use a 24x for fun at 300 yards. Had one on my 6mm, and that was nice. Have a 16x on my bolt-action .223.

Magnification without optical quality and clarity is a big mistake, as things get fuzzy fast. But with a good scope, and no heat waves, high magnification is awesome. Just not something I associate with a .22. Bullet drop and wind will be huge beyond 100 yards, in my opinion.

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