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I was pulled over a few years ago at, like, 3:00 am (I was going home from the airport).

I was rousted. Supreme.

I refused the field sobriety tests. He got pretty mad.

I refused the breathalyzer. I got jacked up.

I accepted the hospital blood test. I got cuffed. They towed my car and it ruined my night. After the hospital, I spent twenty minutes at my small-town jail, until my wife picked me up.

Two weeks later, I was found clean. I got an attorney that retrieved my expenses plus a little bit more.

(They didn't have a video tape or breathalyzer to use against me!)

Later, I shook the Cop's hand (while he looked sheepish (he was a VERY young guy)) and told him there were no hard feelings. (He was actually VERY nice and VERY professional throughout the whole ordeal) I've seen enough TV shows to have learned what I did. And, have enough attorneys in my extended family to back up my actions.

And, I do, still, actually have some inherited rights, in this country I live in.

(That Nice Young Cop was "dismissed" a few months later. Something to do with the local high-school principal, and her husband, and a gun being pointed at everybody and a big media brouhaha. Ooops!)
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