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price gouging bums

hi, could put this in another forum but this topic seems to be a great place to start.
i`ve been in several other forums lately and i cannot believe the nerve of a few bums out there trying to exploit the poss. ban of 30rd mags. i thought we were all in this together! but some think of only themselves and money. just saw a classified in here for mag-pul mags at $40 per.(plain jane, no window) as of now, i know of 3 sites still have in stock at 11.99 per(avg.) if you buy 10. i was telling people where to buy them just to help out some who were having trouble finding some in stock. but not now! i believe there will be those bums out there who will hoard them and then try to sell at an unbelievable price. shame on those who do. its also being done with saiga shot-guns, ar`s and lowers. this just makes me sick!
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