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Overkill - Is This Too Much Scope for 10/22?

I have no rifles but did recently buy a new 10/22 Target model with a stainless barrel for paper punching - no hunting. I would like to learn longer range shooting, etc. I realize it is no centerfire rifle but the significant drop in a .22 should help me learn mil-dot and compensate holdover, etc..

I have been looking at a very nice Hawke scope with a very nice reticle in the $460 range with AO, parallex down to 15 yds., etc.. Is it worth while to get the higher price scope although it is much more scope than rifle?

My choices:
  • Hawke 6.5-20x42 - very nice but overkill?
  • Hawke 4-24x44 (half price of the scope above) - decent reticle and would do the job nicely
  • Nikon rimfire - Passable reticle but should do the job on a .22.

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