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Originally Posted by hal13 View Post
I just purchased a MK40 Elite and I am very disappointed in the GUN and KAHR Service. I have previously owned three Glocks and I have never had a problem with them.

When I went to the range the first time, I fired 200 rounds to break in the gun, and three to four times, the slide stayed back, like the magazine was empty, but it was not. I pulled back on the slide and released it and the rest of the magazine fired fine.

I assumed this was just part of the breakin, but I went to the range yesterday, fired 100 rounds and the same thing happened two or three times.

I am using American Eagle ammunition, and I used the same ammunition on a Glock 23 and the Glock fired 100 out of 100 with no failures, on the samr range trip.

I purchased this gun for Self Defense, and it is not useful If I cannot depend on it.

I called Kahr Service, and they were not helpful at all, they said if it is is working 97% of the time, it is not the guns fault. How can that be! If I am using it for self defense it must work 100% of the time like my Glocks.
Kahr service refuses to do anything. I am suprised becasue I thought Kahr was a quality product, but obiously it is not and Kahr does not stand behind their guns.

Has anyone else had a problem like this. I thought it might be due to a defective recoil spring but the Kahr Tech refused to do anyting, because it was working 97% of the time and he thought that was ok and not the recoil spring. I need a gun that I can count on, works 100% of the time if I am going to use it for self defense.

Maybe I should stick with Glocks!
I'm dyslexic and can't possibly read a post that long.
You have likely bent the slide stop spring during reassembly.
It's easy to bend, especially when new, and easy to fix.
You can order some springs from the Kahr web site.
And you'll need one of those torx thingies (I think it's #8 or #9?).

You have to be very careful, especially when tight and new,
inserting the slide stop into the frame.
Insert at about 4 o'clock part way in.
Move slide to the correct spot.
Then rotate the slide stop to 3 o'clock.
And carefully push the rest of the way in.

I did the same thing.
BTW my MK40 Elite got much better at 200+.
But wasn't 100% reliable until 400+.
At that point she will feed anything and runs like glass.

MK40's are fine weapons once you get past the break in.
And master the re-assembly procedure.
Good Luck

BTW forum is a great place to resolve Kahr related issues.

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