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Originally Posted by Random View Post
Now that I'm in the contract world I don't have a badge anymore. Got a State Department ID but I've never tried to use it to get out of a stop.

My biggest problem with the DWI checkpoints is more fundamental. It's a papers check. I've seen the arrests and fines they make off of them. Maybe one dui arrest in the bunch. The rest are fines and 'justified searches'. Walk up and ask me if I've been drinking. Fine. Why are you checking my brake tag, running my insurance, and my license? THAT is no longer a DWI checkpoint. You're calling it one to make it easier for the public to support/swallow, but if you're using it to check whether I look like I should be in that neighborhood, have expired insurance, have a warrant, or if I've paid my vehicle tax that year it is something else.

Saying a DWI checkpoint is about stopping drunk drivers is like saying smoking laws are put in place to protect you from cancer.
HE already explained. It's not about YOU.
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