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Originally Posted by w30olds View Post
I went through one of the GA State Patrol checkpoints last weekend. Let's just say they were not the most pleasant officers to deal with. I pull up and when it was my turn the first question was "How much have you had to drink?" Really??? Guess they automatically assume you've been in the sauce all day.

So I replied "1 Mountain Dew." Obviously it pissed off the cop. I was wearing my seatbelt, have valid ID and insurance. Not much they could do.

Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
I'm just completely spitballing here, but perhaps standing out, likely where it's not too comfortable environment-wise (i.e. likely cold) for hours and hours on end hearing smart-ass comments like this one from dozens of drivers, MAYBE that what made them "not the most pleasant officers"? Possible? I've go through checkpoints and was polite to the officers and got polite back.

Originally Posted by Officer X View Post
Even if you feel you are smarter than everyone else (including cops), and play games about doing roadside testing (I have actually let people go after this), I have had enough training and experience to determine and articulate probable cause to place you.
The bold statement in the context of the thread and “playing games.”

So, in the English language, a paragraph is a group of sentences that are linked together to define a single point. Since you put “I have actually let people go” and “playing games” in a paragraph with “articulate probable cause to arrest you” they are linked together to form a single point. So, you have admitted to letting people go, which I suspect means that you found that they were not guilty, and tying that point together with probable cause. Likewise you have said “playing games” and linking that to probable cause. Furthermore, in the context of the thread, which some think the answer of “1 mountain dew” as a “smart-ass” answer to “how much have you had to drink” it is quite clear that if you don’t like how someone answers your question, you will fabricate probable cause.
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