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Originally Posted by w30olds View Post
I went through one of the GA State Patrol checkpoints last weekend. Let's just say they were not the most pleasant officers to deal with. I pull up and when it was my turn the first question was "How much have you had to drink?" Really??? Guess they automatically assume you've been in the sauce all day.

So I replied "1 Mountain Dew." Obviously it pissed off the cop. I was wearing my seatbelt, have valid ID and insurance. Not much they could do.

It was setup in a curve in the road with nowhere to turn off. Total ambush. so once you rounded the curve bam! Your in the roadblock with nowhere to go.

I don't mind them, but damn be a little more professional about the way you conduct yourselves!
The only road blocks that you ever see in my county are done by the Ga Sate Patrol.It's a rural county where everyone knows the Sheriff and Deputies doing a road block doesn't fly.
We have one trooper in this county that is known to come to an accident and just take over from the local leo. is online now