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Originally Posted by David_Ely View Post
The worst for me was my very first GLOCK. It was a G36. The magazine always pinched my finger and it constantly had FTE even after a trip back to GLOCK.

I don't know about the FTE on your G36 but I solved the pinching issue by putting the +0 Pearce Grip extentions on the mag. I get a better grip on the G36 that way.

Now for the worst guns, actually there were 3 of them. First was an Ivers Johnson 12 Ga. Champion shotgun that kicked like a mule. Second was a 3" chambered Winchester 37A and yes, I WAS stupid enough to shoot 3" rounds in it. Third is a very last production run Winchester 94 in 45 Colt. It occasionally will let a cartridge slip uner the carrier and lock up the action.

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