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When the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, the right to drive a vehicle wasn't one of them. In fact, making moonshine without a proper tax stamp got Washington and Shay into a fracas soon thereafter as well.

I used to have to deal with these all the time when I was going to University. The checkpoints were always at all the entrances and exits of the University. I didn't begrudge them for what they did. I never drove drunk, and the checkpoints made a good deterant.

Personally, I think if you drive drunk, you should be treated no less as if you picked up an AK on New Years E
Eve after having been in the sauce and went randomly shooting in any direction you pleased in your neighborhood.

I fail to see a constructive difference. If you decide to get drunk and get into a 5 ton vehicle and point it at the general public, I have zero sympathy for you.

One interesting "political" aspect of DWI checkpoints in the State of New Mexico a few years back, they netted more hispanics driving drunk, so an hispanic judge threw out all their convictions, stating they hadn't arrested enough white people driving drunk.

Of ource, if you know anything about that state, it is pretty much divided in half between white people and hispanics. It may even be tipped over statistically in the direction of the hispanic population.

Either way, DWI is has reached epidemic proportion in that state, and seeing whole families wiped out by a multi-convicted drunk driver is not uncommon. That is why you'll notice it costs more to insure vehicles in that state.

So, do I feel any sympathy, for "They checked to make sure I had my driver's licence and registration and then made sure I was safe to drive, so it made me cry"? Nope.
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