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Originally Posted by ancient_serpent View Post
I'll comply with any rules as far as driving go, but it's no ones damned business where I've been.
FWIW, I'm happy to comply with the breathalyzer. Just don't figure it's anyones concern what I've been doing.
You realize the answers don't matter, right? Just like the question doesn't matter. They cop is doing 2 things: Trying to get you to talk so he can tell if there's alcohol on your breath, and trying to see if you break into a cold sweat and start to panic in the face of the question.

Tell him you've been at a bar - I do, all the time. I don't drink, but I hang out with friends. Tell him you were at Walmart. Tell him you were in the park practicing your cartwheels. He doesn't give a damn where you were.
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