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Im a LEO and volunteer for every DUI checkpoint that comes our way. Id work them for free if that was the deal.
I guess the OP first few lines says it all..."never met an honest cop".
Suffuce to say that "we" get the killers off the roads and thats probably the most effective way of doing that.
I usually work the line and "we" all know all the tricks of the drinkers to hide their guilt.
If you havent been drinking then theres nothing to fear. if you have then the penalties are never enough.

>>>If you saw the carnage DUI causes, not to the DUI ciminal but to the victims they hit, you would feel a whole lot different for sure. We have a neighbor whose daughter was hit head on by a DUI on her prom night some 20 years ago...her date was killed outright, he was the lucky one...shes still a vegetable and fed only through a tube. She will never dance, date or have kids or go anywhere or see anything, never enjoy anything or communicate again .....EVER.
The DUI himself did 8 years and was out and back into society no doubt to wreak more death and destruction on the roads again.

RE in FLA a refusal is an automatic charge and loss of license. Its great when they refuse as it saves all the court costs etc AND....a refusal means they cant even get a Cinderella license to drive to work....great!
Only one State I know of, NJ, is charging DUI homicides as murder >>>>>we need all 50 States to do this<<<<

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