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Having a license in VA is considered implied consent. If you refuse a breath test, you immediately lose your license for 7 days the first time, 60 days or until trial on the second and 60 on the third refusal. A refusal conviction means you will lose your license for a year without possibility of a restricted license on the first offense, unlike a DWI conviction. VA wants money from the Alcohol Safety Action Program that anyone convicted of DWI will have to take if they want a restricted license. On top of the refusal charge, all of the geniuses I know that have refused were still charged with a DWI.

At least Louisiana just goes after the blood to get the drunk driving charge. Someone trying to be cute and refusing just to yell "Are you detaining me?" can end up worse off here than someone under the influence.

As Averageman stated, I'll stay at home or have my wife drive. New Years and drunk driving are just stupid. I have no doubt that I'll see 20 units on my way home from work Monday night.
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