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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Everyone, M&P15T has been discussing his "compromise" theory in several threads. He gets the same response in every one of them.

Gun show loop hole??

The Big Picture

I'm just gonna ask one question
Which leads one to ask how many more threads we need hijacked with this same tired argument, which results in nothing more than bickering and discontent (M&P15T vs. everyone - the very definition of trolling).

The more attention he gets, the more he craves - then folks give him even more... Then to keep the ball rolling, he points fingers at everyone, claiming they haven't the ability to 'comprehend' his logic... trolling even harder.

We understand just fine. You think that by somehow appeasing the antis on a 'smaller'(?) scale, that they will somehow give up or go away (regarding further legislation).

They won't.

RussP has ripped your arguments to shreds - every single one of them. Stop crying / implying that you are some sort of poor, misunderstood genius, and give it a rest.

Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
See ya in a few months.
We could only be so lucky - Hopefully a mod would be so kind as to make that happen. I'm sure the signal to noise ratio would improve dramatically.

Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
Sigline material right there...
Why, I have no idea what you're talking about, my good sir!

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