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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
The issue w/ measureing a cast bullet driven into the lands is spring back. Plus most can not accurately measure below 0.001" w/ calipers, you would need a micrometer to be more accurate.
I am betting you air cool the clip ww, things will get much better. IME, there is little to be gained by super hard bullets @ most handgun pressures. Maybe for max loads, but not where the OP is at. I run clip ww, air cooled, to 1500fps in my 45-70 w/ little leading.
I agree. Back off on the hardness of the bullets. WSF should be about the perfect powder for what you're doing. I never used it, but I use Unique which is very similar.

I use range scrap which is softer than WW and much softer than water quenched WW and drive 125's at 1150 with Unique all day long and get no leading in my Glock's or Ruger with stock barrels. I do use liquid alox, which may be superior to standard lubing, but I never did any kind of side by side testing. All I know is liquid alox, a soft bullet, and a mid burning powder hasn't leaded on me in 9mm and 40 SW.

I do run my 9mm's bigger. They come out of the mold at 0.357", so that certainly can't hurt.

The first, and easiest thing to do is to try to air cooled bullets and see how they do. Even mix in some clip on WW since they are softer if you have some as a second step if air cooling them doesn't fix it.

If either of those easy possible solutions doesn't do it, let us know and we'll try some more difficult, but not overwhelming, solutions (like using a larger diameter).

As far as slugging a bore, like Fred said, it's easy to do but hard to do accurately. Unless your a machinist who really knows his way around a mic, and maybe you are, trying to read a slug with high and low spots etc is not easy to do right. I could read it four times and get four different numbers.

Basically, I think bore diameter is approached the wrong way. You don't want a bullet exactly 0.001" over bore size and it's hard to get that kind of precision. What you want is a bullet that is bigger than your bore. The easiest way to do that is to use the biggest bullet that will chamber in a loaded round in your gun.

My Glocks and Ruger will chamber 0.358" 38 cal bullets no problem. They shoot great. I've never even field stripped a car much less shot one or loaded cast ammo for it, so I don't know how sloppy their chambers are. But my guess is that a 0.357" bullet will chamber and work fine. Getting your bullets bigger from the mold you have isn't rocket science, but it's a little involved.

I'd just soften the lead up a bit and try that first because I think it will work.
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