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My carry round is a 135 hp @ 1700 fps average measured at 5y (15') from the muzzle. Yep, I load my own.

This is out of my G29 with a 4.45" KKM barrel.

This load is reported to be less than the SAAMI pressure
limits of the cartridge, but I'm not going to spend the $$$ getting it tested. I have no qualms shooting this one the way I have loaded.

The recoil is a quick impulse - nothing like that slow, pushy impulse typical of a .40 service round or the one that is just like it on steroids from the 200gr. 1250 fps rounds. Much quicker and easier follow up on this one. Very good precision as well - can hold 1-2" groups @ 25y with it from the bench.

I have not tested it on soft armor. I doubt it would penetrate commonly used soft armor.

I know it will not penetrate a 6" Aspen tree, but a hot 200 grainer will blow right through the tree. The hot 200 will not stand a chance against soft armor.

If that bullet had a tungsten carbide core, it most definitely would penetrate any soft armor, but it's probably not gonna pierce hard plate (steel or ceramic).

Obviously, AP ammo in a handgun is against the law. That being said, 7.62x25 ammo will penetrate some soft armor (along with some armored helmets). That is ball ammo.

One guy has made a 7.62x25 conversion, but it is a complicated project and he does not have it on the commercial market.

If there was a 135gr. round nose fmj bullet available for the 10/.40, @ 1700 fps it would easily out-penetrate the 7.62x25. I've checked around in the past and I can't find one.

Good point on the 2 to the chest and 1 to the head. That's probably the best thing going.

The round I use is the best all-around 10mm ammo I have tested. The 10 ring and 10mm reloading glocktalk community has tested the 135 nosler and most of us agree that the bullet is a tad soft to run at the higher 10mm velocities, and it will not hold together in one piece, but many of us have seen various tests with it & those of us who have seen these tests will not doubt that the round has devastating affects beyond what the heavier bullets are capable of.

The only caveat to this is barrier penetration - this round is not the best for shooting through walls, glass, etc. It lacks the momentum of the heavier bullets. Choose the right tool for the job.
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