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Originally Posted by wk9k View Post
Thats cool man. Ive got a couple of the gemtech outback II's. and a p22. and one of those krinker plinker with threaded barrel. Whats cool is you can shoot any .22 ammo whether it be standard or subsonic out of the p22 it will always be quiet because of the short barrel. it doesnt let the bullet build up supersonic speed to break the sound barrier. I dont shoot my suppressors. If I do its rare. Ive had a fascination w/ them b/c I think its neat that something so small as a suppressor can actually take away such a loud blast.

My GSG AK has a threaded barrel and I got the adapter for it so it will accept my new suppressor. My question is, will I need to use subsonic ammo in a rifle?


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