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Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post
Maybe have a friend of yours who is used to recoil shoot it. I am not saying you were the cause but best to have someone else try it. I have an MK9 and it runs great. That does not mean your gun is without fault but the design is sound.
I am not exactly an inexpirienced shooter. I have shot about 12,000 rounds in the last 12 months with a Glock 21, Glock 23, and Glock 35. The last day I went to the range, after having 3 failures in 100 rounds on my Kahr MK40, I shot 100 rounds with my Glock 23, using the same American Eagle Factory ammunition with no failures. I do not find the recoil on the MK40 significantly different than the recoil on the Glock 23, although the trigger pull is significantly different. I also rented a PM40, prior to purchasing the MK40, and shot 150 rounds with no failures. So I think I can handle the gun.

Although the design is sound, it is possilbe there is a defect in my gun. Someone on one of the Kahr forums, reported a similar problem to mine with and MK9 and no resolution.

I really like the MK40, and it is small enough to fit in my pocket, which is why I bought it, but I need it to work 100% of the time, or it is not useful to me as a self defence gun.
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