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Originally Posted by RatDrall View Post
Some of us pay more attention than others.

A lot of us remember the first AWB, and the political slaughter that followed the next mid-term election. A lot of Democrats remember this as well.

Feinstein had this bill in her desk, and has probably proposed it every few months since the last AWB expired.

A US Senator got shot in the face and it was just like this, where all you heard about for the next few weeks was "ban this" and "regulate that". Bills were proposed but were laughed at in Committee, they never made it to the floor for a vote. It was forgotten shortly after.

VP Biden was put in charge of the effort, if that tells you anything about how serious Obama is about passing a ban Now, when nothing succeeds, he can tell the loonies on the Left "Well, I put the vice president in charge of this, if he couldn't get it done no one could have "
You're not the only one that is paying attention to this.

If you want to look back to the past, you would note one very glaring point:

Back in 1993, when the AWB was passed, there had NOT been recent mass shootings with AR15s. Despite this, the AWB was still passed. Of course this lead to the Dems getting crushed in the mid term elections the next year.

Now, we have had a run of very gruesome, and very recent mass shootings with AR15s. And Sandy Hook is having an effect on people the likes of which we have never seen before. But for some reason you believe that all of this means that there will NOT be new anti-gun legislation passed.

You want to think that the Dems will face another crushing defeat in the legislature in 2014, like they did in 1994. That would be an ignorant assumption. With the effects of Sandy Hook and other recent shootings, it is far more likely that some elected officials will lose their seats if they don't vote for the looming anti-gun legislation.

There is going to be enough elected representatives, that previously would not have voted for anti-gun legislation, that will flip and vote for it, out of fear of losing their seats. That will get the looming anti-gun legislation passed.

Times have changed, and it seems like too many gun owners are stuck in the past from 20 years ago. Or fail to grasp the impact of 20 6 & 7 year olds getting murdered.

When the anti-gun folks like Feinstein present their legislation to the floor, they will most certainly roll out the "Mothers and Fathers of the Disappeared" from the Sandy Hook shootings, right out in front of the cameras on live, national TV.

Final point: Most people on GT thought that there were enough votes to stop Obummer Care. A lot of people here were certain Romney would win.


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