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Ya know...there have been times that I have begged, pleaded and prayed to "god?" in particularly rough patches of my life (akin to how prisoners find god in jail and promptly forget him when released) to show me a sign, show me he exists, speak to me in a dream etc..and what did I get?


I truly would like to believe in a higher being, a god...whatever, I really, really do.. I think life would be grand, actually believing I was going somewhere magical when I died.. Heck, if that's the case, and I believe that, LET'S GET IT ON..I'm ready to die now!

However...I just don't buy it...

It simply isn't logical.. So many thousands of different religions can't all be right...and some differ so much, they're not even close..

I think they're all made-up..and some people (maybe most) are wired to want to believe in something...just like those that believe with their soul (another mythical, invisible thing) that ghosts, martians, black panthers and bigfeet exist too..

I do believe that churches have served a good purpose in teaching good moral values, (not enough to outweigh the millions killed in the name of imaginary friends) but at least the ones in the US teach respect and love your fellow man unlike Islam which teaches you to behead your fellow man..

I'm willing to listen to arguments as to how god exists I WOULD LOVE to believe..and I'm not being funny, I would love to have the religious convictions of some of my friends who took the hook, line, sinker and the pole too, as they are genuinely good people..

I just can't take them too seriously when they tell me they believe the Jonah and the whale story literally, as well as Noah and the Ark...really I say?

And then there are those who say they don't believe the stories literally and pick and choose which ones to believe literally and say the rest are symbolic...they have even less credibility..

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