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Originally Posted by Syclone538 View Post
It's possible that something that should convince me, would only make me question my sanity.
This is so true!!!

I'd also like a nice long sit down talk with him, maybe a few beers, or wine if he prefers. Some of the subjects I would broach:

Why, exactly, is he worthy of reverence?

What was he trying to accomplish? Are we simply an experiment to feed his ego?

Why, if he loves us so, does he cause horrible things to happen to the most innocent among us?

Why is it that we even have free will, if using it to make a decision he doesn't like only results in punishment? Wouldn't it be simpler and easier for all concerned to simply provide incontrovertible proof so we can make informed decisions?

I'm sure those questions would evolve into a loooooong conversation and would create even more questions.
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