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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
We have our own AWB which was enacted before the federal AWB and then updated throughout the years and it never expired so the federal AWB never impacted us really other than to limit available supplies outside of CA. Starting with the federal ban, newly manufactured magazines were banned, but we can still buy from existing stock.

I recall unscrupulous dealers, circa 1993-95, stealing mags out of gun boxes and selling customers the gun with only 1 mag and then charging $50-75 for the other mag(s) which were supposed to already come with the gun.

It got so bad, some of you may recall that Para-Ordnance, and some other gun brands, back then actually only shipped their guns with 1 mag and included a certificate for you to redeem up to 2 more mags with proof of purchase, e.g. receipt.

Then the same dealers figured out they would just "buy" the guns themselves, redeem the certificates for the mags, sell the guns as new since the customer never would know the difference, and not mention anything about the certificates, then sell the redeemed magazines for a profit, figuring most gun buyers probably wouldn't know about it, unless they read the gun magazines regularly.

Then in 2000, all mags over 10 rounds were banned, period, new or old. No manufacturing, importation, sales, allowed for anyone who is not exempt. Fully licensed FFL dealers had to get a separate "high capacity magazine" permit if they wanted to continue selling these mags to LE... who are basically the exempt people who can still buy regular capacity magazines.

Existing magazines legally acquired before the ban are all legal, but cannot be used in weapons which are CA compliant. So if you have a post-ban CA AR/AK or whatever evil rifle, you can't use any mag over 10 rounds or else you face a felony charge for "manufacturing" a new assault weapon under CA law. BTW, CA compliant evil rifle means the magazine is "locked" and cannot be ejected freely with the original magazine release.

CA people can still buy magazine "repair kits" of any capacity which are just magazines taken apart, and used to replace or repair existing legal magazines but if you put a kit together instead of using it as parts for an existing magazine, that is a felony as well. Yeah, go ahead and try to enforce that one.

Sorry for the long post... just wanted to get the information out to those who are in the free states as to what CA residents had to live with for more than a decade already.

One thing I remember is how the look of the AR's all changed with all the carbine uppers matched to full sized stock A2 lowers, without flash hiders and bayonet lugs. Totally retarded looking. The FN-FAL and the like came with thumb hole stocks, as did a lot of AK's. Man, it was an ugly period... sorta like the 70's, except for guns instead of fashion.
Oh yeah I remember that removing of the 2nd mag to resell by dealers as well. That sucked.
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