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Originally Posted by ScottieG59 View Post
The guy likes to make a fuss about things. I do not mind watching his videos. After finally getting a Glock 19, I agree that it is an excellent handgun.

Dealing with the ambush in Iraq has many thinking it is conclusive evidence James Yeager is fearful. When I have been shot at, I was also somewhat fearful. The difference was that I was facing it as a trained soldier. Police tactics have a place, but it is easy to come up short in a war zone. Another issue is that the group with Yeager seemed to be unaware how to deal with the situation.

Civilians in combat makes for some unpredictable results. Still, if you do not have your combat drills to fall back on, you are just some guy with a gun.

Maybe Yeager was expecting to capture video of combat and his effectiveness in dealing with it. Personally, I know that dealing with incoming small arms fire in a city is not easy, especially when you are in an unfamiliar unarmored rental car.

Also, sitting in an unarmored car that is stopped in very dangerous. When I was in an unarmored vehicle that had to stop, we would get out and assume a fighting position until ready to move on. Of course, you have to be careful approaching a checkpoint. You do not want to look too aggressive approaching, however, the bad guys look for that lessened readiness as one approaches checkpoints or secured compounds.

You can do it all correctly and still fail. It can happen with the best among us. Where in the order of things does one find pride?
I dislike the guy but good points by you.

You think he took out the rental insurance on that rental car? I bet he wishes he had if not
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