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my xmas present came!!!

a new 1918 BAR stock. its currently in its airsoft form so ill enjoy this for awhile before i decide to gut it open and drop in a .22LR action/barrel.

the width of the BAR receiver is a bit over 1.5 inches so in theory a Ruger 10/22 can fit in it. if the 10/22 wont fit then ill drop in my Marlin 795

everything is full metal except the plastic handguard and butt stock. but i have to say that the faux wood looks real

this bad boy feels like it weighs about 17-18lbs. will probably take it over 20lbs with a .22LR inside.

i paid $365 shipped for this limited stock. cant wait to gut this and take it to the range when im done with it

its been awhile. my wife put me on check which is why i havent been able to complete more .22 conversions. we got into a fight because she said i spend too much time with my guns.

now for pics.
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i still have my other BAR with the pistol grip version that hasnt been converted yet. so ill eventually have 2 different BAR's with a .22LR inside

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