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1) We control the House
It makes no difference. We only control it for now and not all Republicans are pro-gun and not all Dems are anti-gun. The gun issue does cross party lines. Heck, Both Harry Reid and Howard Dean have A ratings from NRA. Even if the House held firm for now, wait for the next election to see how it goes if we lose the House, which is a real possiblity with the way the voter fraud and uninformed voters swinging this last election.

2) SCOTUS ruled the 2nd amendment is a RIGHT
Again, the current Court said it as much but left it up to the states to regulate within their interpretation, so you still have people living in states and cities with very restrictive rules about owning guns, much less carrying. Again, wait for one current Justice to retire, and Obama appoints another Justice, and this issue will be revisited right quick with the anti-gunners to get another interpretation that there is no right.

3) The Liberals are panicking as they lose their gun control narrative!
Not as much as we think they are. They don't care for the most part because they have the leftist machine behind them. They will ride this wave for all its worth because you never let something like this go to waste without using it to further your agenda.

4) Executive Order will accomplish nothing as obama has no authority to issue new law! He's out of place here and will easily lose any court battle!
Nobody has really challenged him so far on deciding how he executes the laws, including non-enforcement of immigration laws and he doesn't even need to issue any EO's on this. All he has to do is have DOJ, BATFE, and other administrative agencies issue new onerous regulations and enforce them like crazy to run gun businesses out of business. Ammo? Just have EPA issue regulations restricting gun powder and lead or Department of Interior or Parks regulate the same and eliminate a huge chunk of the market to kill off ammo manufacturers. It ain't rocket science.

5) The gun control tide is losing steam and were winning the majority of all gun control polls, And the NRA is gaining as many as 8K new members a day!
Doesn't mean a thing. NRA can lobby and petition and ***** and moan, while the liberal MSM ignores them or makes them out to be crazies like the hit job on the Tea Party. The NRA also is not any part of the government that makes any difference when it comes to the AWB. While I support the NRA and have been a life member for decades, I don't have any illusions about what the NRA can and can't do.
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