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The natural (us) cannot know the supernatural (god).

But if there was a god (might be, I'm only an agnostic, not one of those dirty athiests), it would be nice if he came down here (I assume he'd otherwise be up in the sky somewhere) in the form of Charlton Heston as Moses, and hover over us and say he (god, not Heston) screwed up a few things and was going to fix them in the next month, and make things better over the future years. He could give us a list, and we'd see his promises start to come true over the next few days or a month and really notice the change:

1. No more cancer for kids. Old guys past 50 could still get it if they did not live their life right, but no more of that crap for 5 year olds.

2. End of overpopulation. People will have lots of sex, but use birth control and eventually bring the world population down (will take years to notice).

3. No more wars. People will decide to get along, have a beer, and stop shooting over their differences.

4. AR's stay legal. Even though people get along better, target shooting is still fun.

5. Global warming stops. Because snow is fun

6. Freaking toothaches don't hurt quite so much. I get that the pain warns us to stop opening beer bottles with our teeth, but does it have to hurt so much?

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