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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
My own my mother, on a Christmas phone call, asks my opinion of assault weapons. After explaining to her that there is no such thing and that they just look like army guns, and describing the difference between automatic army guns versus semi-automatic civilian guns. . .

She asks, "Why do you need one of these so-called assault weapons anyway?!"

My final convincing response to her was, "Why do the police need them?" To defend themselves from bad guys, she said. "Well, that's the same reason I need them." Oh, that's true, she said, as if a light bulb had gone on.

Yup, I continued, the same bad guys the police face are the same bad guys any civilian might need to fight off. Whatever the police need for defense, I need too.

Please feel free to pass this on: If the police need "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines, we need them too

Edited to add:
Obvioulsly it should be undertood the context is in when the bad guys come looking for us, and not about us civilians going out looking for bad guys
The way I look at it is law men use guns as defensive tools to defend themselves or others from bad people or animals. Semiauto rifles must be good for the purpose of defense otherwise why would they be used at all. The reporters that have no idea what they are talking about continue to label them weapons of war that are useless for defense. They are contradicting the very use of these rifles because law men are not killers that premeditate murder. I agree with you entirely that if semiauto rifles are useful to law men then the same weapons would equally serve well protecting my family. My family is every bit as important as the life of any officer and should be protected to the same degree.
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