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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
If they have the votes to pass the package, they would laugh your compromise offer right out the room.

Again, when they have the votes for the big package, your puny compromise would die a quick death.
You don't offer it to the anti-gunners like Feinstein during debates!!! You hold a televised press-conference and offer it to the American People. You bring it to the American People in a manner that shows that the NRA and gun owners are reasonable and willing to work for the good of all. You do an end-run on the Feinsteins of the legislature by going straight to the American People.

That way if the anti-gunners don't accept it, THEY look like morons in the eyes of the people. They then lose their poltical capital and momentum, they lose the votes they are counting on. With the voting likely to come down to just a few votes one way or another, this is the politically savvy thing to do.

And this is precisely why you offer it up early, as soon as it becomes politically obvious that the anti-gunners can muster the votes they need. As early as possible, and the earlier the better.

Are you getting the mental picture yet? Have you never seen a political press conference?

Should the anti-gunners find themselves in the position of having the necessary votes to pass sweeping legislation, our ONLY HOPE becomes appealing to the American People. It would be our only shot at not getting crushed, and we absolutely would need to take that shot.

Good Lord, if we KNOW we're going to get crushed, why would we NOT take a shot at squelching the public opinion that gives the anti-gunners their votes??

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