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It is enlightening to know that some departments do not issue/allow their patrol officers to carry rifles.

Personally, I often take the OP's position on my access to weapons... it is very effective when talking to the "smart gun" crowd.

At any rate. I am comfortable with the argument that I should have access to the weapons that my local patrol officers have... if the local cops don't arm themselves with AR's or equivalent, I could go along. What situation am I ever going to encounter that my lever action or shotgun can't handle?

My biggest problem with the gun-control crowd is they are disingenuous about meeting in the middle. You can tell by the fervor they attack law-abiding citizens (see the NY paper that published registered pistol owners). What better argument against registration than it's use to back stab the law abiding?

There's lots of compromises I actually think are reasonable... unfortunately I don't trust the other side at all to play fair. I'm not giving up anything I don't have to in such a climate.
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