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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Yes, and no. Obviously you missed this post:Did you?The difference between your world and our world is reality. You believe those seeking control of all firearms will accept your token offer and go away. That is not what will happen.

Feinstein will submit her package. Pro 2nd Amendment individuals and groups will reject every point. Then talks will begin in committee. We will have to keep rejecting every anti proposal with irrefutable facts about how nothing in the proposal will impact gun violence. They will counter with emotion riddled rhetoric.

Compromise will not, should not enter the discussion for several days. Might the NICS requirement be an early casualty? Who knows? But, I would not offer it up Day 1.
No, I would not ever think that the Feinsteins will go away. They never have, and they never will, and I really don't care about them. That is absolutely not why I would offer up a concession. I would do it to pacify the folks that are screaming at other elected officials for anti-gun legislation. That would then (hopefully) cause the anti-gunners to lose their political ability to get votes to pass more restrictive and crushing anti-gun legislation.

I'm not concerned with the people that are screaming at Feinstein and her ilk to pass more anti-gun legislation. That's nothing more than preaching to the choir, and those votes are already written in stone. And Feinstein and her ilk cannot lose their next election for voting for anti-gun legislation. They wouldn't be in their positions now if their constituency didn't expect and demand that they would vote for it.

I am worried about the people that are screaming at other elected officials that can be swayed by public opinion. Folks that are worried that they will not be re-elected if they don't vote for anti-gun legislation. I'm worried about elected officials that under normal circustances would never think about siding with Feinstein, but will do so now out of political necessity.

And I would bring up a concession only should it be obvious that much worse anti-gun legislation has the votes to pass. Which I have said before.

And I would do it with the hopes that it would be the only casualty. It would all be in the "how" and "when" it would be brought up.

It's all about votes, popular public opinion, and political capital.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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